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New directions

Who, in the name of all that’s wonderful, would choose in today’s world to be a Careers Advisor? Can you imagine a more difficult, demanding and, possibly, thankless task than that of advising anyone on how they might make a living? Even that expression, ‘make a living’, seems antique. What young person, day dreaming their future as they sit in class today, is thinking about making a living? A fortune, yes of course – preferably before the age of 25, by hook or by crook or by sheer good looks.

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Prime Minister Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May entering Number 10 Downing Street - unencumbered!


There is probably a very long list of things you need to look like a leader, and even more if you want to be a great leader. But I have a new, magic necessity to suggest: nothing.

Nothing at all. If you really want to look like a leader, carry nothing at all. Walk the walk empty-handed, arms at your side, relaxed, confident, unencumbered.

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